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Dr. A. Rashid Seyal
Cheif Executive, Seyal Medical Center,
Multan, Pakistan

He is Chief Executive of a sixty bed centrally air-conditioned Hospital- Seyal Medical Center (Pvt. Ltd), with 2-C.T.Scans, digital dicom CR 1000 MA X-ray Unit, 12-bed ICU, CCU. The foundation stone of the recent premises of Seyal Medical Center was laid on 21st January 1986...

Seyal Medical Center
Serving Since 1976

Seyal Hospital doing pioneering work from the very 1st day of its establishments and this Hospital started most of the life saving and diagnostic procedures even before the teaching hospital in this area:

  • First

Bed side Monitoring
Temporary Cardiac pacing
Permanent Cardiac pacing
Peritoneal dialysis
X Ray  Close circuit image intensifier
Holter ECG (24 hour ECG recording)
CT Scan
Sprial CT Scan
Digital Dicom CR 1000 MA X-Ray System


  • Ayesha Marion’ Welfare foundation
    (for the Poor and deserving patients)


Books By Dr. A.R. Seyal
Published Books and Articles

"Glorious Qur'an in Poetic Stance", "Faith in the Unseen", "Coronay Risk: New Perspective", "Morning Prayers",


Medicinal: Casemia: herbal product derived from the whole flowering plant of Fagonia Cretica used in the treatment of Thalassemia, Hepatitis C; as an adjuvant in chemotherapy in cancer ‘n’ Connective tissue disorder.

Research on the synthetic blend of Garments:

First time (research in this direction) elucidating the influence of blend of garments worn next to the skin: On Behavioral disorder, like: headache, fatigue, irritability, sleeplessness,  Hyperventilation, Restless leg,  Align abduction syndromes; hypertension, palpitation, a coronary risk factor, Role in sudden cardiac death etc.

Scientific elucidation of the Holly Quran

  • Travel back in time (Wormhole theory) giving scientific details of “Me’raaj” from the Holy Qur’an.
  • Why the creation could not take place without a Creator and Faith in the Unseen
  • Reality of Nihility or the Nullity.
  • Creation of the Parallel Universes, the Perfect creation the end, and the recreation of the Multiverses.
  • Adam of Science and Adam of Qur’an are one not two.
  • Scientific affirmation of the creation of DNA or the nucleic acid.
  • Scientific affirmation of the Birth of Jesus Christ AS.
  • Philosophy of life and death, and how we will be recreated and how our hands and feet will respond to Almighty’s Command.
  • Besides many other scientific topics intriguing the scientific mind and the men of faith.


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Faith in the Unseen

Why the creation could not take place without a creator?


Can we really Treat Thalassemia Major? (An article published in "Proceedings of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences")

Efficacy of Fagonia Cretica in Hemolytic Anemias

A New Approach in the Treatment and Prevention of Thalassemia And Some Rare Diseases

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